• What Holds You Back

    Energy levels low?

  • What Holds You Back

    Sex drive stuck in neutral?

  • What Holds You Back

    Body not cooperating?

  • What Holds You Back

    Mental fog?



The doctor and team behind the world-class Austin Urology Institute created the Men’s Wellness Institute to focus on preventative care that keeps patients performing at their peak.

Common Treatments


Erectile Function

It’s time to stand tall. Our ED specific therapy focuses on intensifying your sexual performance while increasing sensation.


Testosterone Treatment

Feel like a new man, by being more like your old self. Testosterone treatment restores youthful vigor and drive.


Hormone Balance

Hormones have a huge impact on your mood and behavior. Striking the right balance puts you on the right track to wellness.

Meet the Doc

Dr. Koushik Shaw's team of specialists are world-renowned for their care, knowledge, and skill. The doctor and team behind the Austin Urology Institute created the Men's Wellness Center to focus on preventative care that keeps patients performing at their physical peak. But you don't have to be an athlete to see the benefits of your assessment.

Video Visits

Don't have the time to drive across town? We hear you on that. Thankfully, it's the 21st Century and for many of our services, members of our team can virtually meet with you, talk about what's troubling you, and assign an appropriate course of action. When we say we’re a cutting edge institute, we mean it. Our video visits are more proof of just that.


Half of the battle is getting the right intel. Here's where you can read more of the latest news and trends to maintain your "well-being".


Our wellness assessments cover the key components of a man’s health, including…

Gene Assessment

Your health starts with what your parents gave you. Analyze your genetic core to see foresee potential hazards down the road.

Sleep Analysis

How you sleep affects your every waking moment. To make the most of every day, our sleep experts examine how you spend your nights.


Of course, your weight and fat composition play heavily into your overall health. Here, the aim isn’t just to lose weight, it’s to gain life.


Allergies put a strain on your system and weigh you down physically and mentally. A thorough allergy test will tell you what to avoid stay on top of your game.

Snap Kitchen

Through a one-of-a-kind partnership, we make it easy to eat well while watching your wellness.


Along with vitamin testing, we’ll tell you what to put in your body and what to keep out.


Our team shows you how to work that work out. When you’re with us, it’s always flex time.

Heart Health

Never miss another beat with our care. We’ll help keep things pumping