How to
be that guy.

To get the results you want, we
find out what your body needs.

The Men's Wellness institute examines and remedies the many factors that make a man healthy, strong, and productive.


We start with a comprehensive analysis of our most vital bodily functions.

Serum Chemistries / Total Blood Counts

Vitamin Testing / Thyroid Testing / Genetic Testing

Allergy Testing / Sleep Testing


To reach your ideal outcome, our doctors will prescribe medications to treat...

Weight Loss / Fertility / Erectile Dysfunction

Hair Loss / Low Testosterone


Testosterone and hormone treatment is not simply a matter of getting more of a good thing. You need true board-certified physicians to achieve the optimal balance.


Our fitness partners will work with you to find the right workout. Build strength where you need it, improve heart health, and feel better.


Eating right takes more than counting calories and following a food pyramid.